What are the CECWA Strategic Directions 2019 – 2021?

    The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) has released its Strategic Directions 2019-2021. It sets out the vision for Catholic Education in Western Australia and provides clarity of purpose, governance and support. It is based on CECWA’s six guiding principles drawn from the Bishops’ Mandate and was endorsed by the Commission in October 2018.

    Strategic Directions has four key directions:

    ·  Inspiring Christ-centred Leaders

    ·  Catholic Schools of Excellence

    ·  Catholic Pastoral Communities

    ·  Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable System of Schools.

    CECWA has committed to actively lead, support and monitor the progress that is made against each of the priorities over the next three years.

    How were they established? What was the process undertaken?

    Strategic Directions 2019-2021 is the result of an extensive process of consultation between CECWA and key stakeholders from right across our Catholic education system in Western

    Australia, developed with an independent facilitator.

    They are the result of a collaborative process to consolidate and communicate the key priorities for Catholic education in WA with the aim of providing clarity and strategic alignment across the system. 

    Who contributed to the development of the Strategic Directions?

    Engagement was undertaken at a broad stakeholder group level under the guidance of CECWA and included an online survey, with almost 3000 responses received across the State’s four Dioceses.  Focus groups including students, staff and parents were also held across metropolitan and regional areas to analyse the responses with further engagement sought through the 2018 Leaders Forum with principals and school leaders.

    What does this mean for LEAD?

    LEAD continues to support our work across the system, and we encourage its use as a personal reflection tool. It is envisaged that the work of our system will be shaped in 2020 and beyond through the Strategic Directions and the domains. 

    Where do the domains fit?

    The four domains of Stewardship, Education, Community and Catholic Identity have been mapped and aligned with Strategic Directions. Our key projects such as Vision for Learning, Transforming Lives: Strategy 2025 and the Child Safe Framework have been incorporated into the priorities of each direction.

    What does this mean for Catholic education in Western Australia?

    Strategic Directions has been set by CECWA for Catholic education in Western Australia and provides a channelled focus to respond to God’s call to serve our diverse community.

    CECWA’s Strategic Directionssets out four key priorities providing clarity and coherence across our system and enables us to remain responsive to the changing education landscape.  In 2019, each CEOWA directorate will integrate Strategic Directions into their operations and processes, with the aim to create clear processes of transparency and accountability.

    The investments we are making in leadership formation, fee support initiatives and digital technologies among others are testament to the commitment we have in ensuring engaged learning environments where students and staff are inspired to actively live the Gospel. The significance of our collective efforts is critical in ensuring we continuously strive to be an accessible, affordable and sustainable system of schools.   

    What does some of the terminology used mean?

    Below is a guide to the terminology used in Strategic Directions:

    Catholic Social Teaching: Catholic Social Teaching (CST) underpins the work of CEWA. Resources and information to gain a greater understanding of CST can be found at the Caritas website.

    Vision for Learning: This is offered as a pedagogical resource for all CEWA schools and care services. It provides a research based and theoretical background to improving student outcomes through practices that contribute to quality education.  The Vision for Learning has been developed through research, system projects and pilot programs as well as through the experiences of other international and national education systems. 

    Transforming Lives: Strategy 2025With more than 2500 Aboriginal students and more than 100 Aboriginal teaching assistants in our schools across the State, this system-wide initiative aims to create an inclusive and outstanding learning environment for young Aboriginal people and their families.

    Child Safe Framework: CEWA’s Child Safe Framework is based on the latest research in child safety for institutions, is in support of best practice, and is consistent with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommendations. 

    LEADing Lights:  A world-leading, digital ecosystem for all Catholic schools and offices throughout WA, this initiative is designed to foster a powerful social learning community to equip students with the technology and deep learning skills they need to reach their full potential.

    ViSN: A virtual school network of CEWA schools that work together to develop and deliver online courses. 

    I work in a school. What does this mean for me?

    Strategic Directions is being integrated into the CEWA office during 2019. Each of the office directorates are working to align key priorities with their work with a focus on creating awareness and understanding of our key projects and priorities

    Schools and colleges have been provided the Strategic Directions document to develop an understanding. Formal implementation in schools will occur in 2020. 

    I work in the office. What does this mean for me?

    Strategic Directions is being used through 2019 to develop all strategic and operational planning within office directorates, with regular reporting provided to CECWA.