Do I need to be Catholic to work in CEWA?

    No you don’t need to be Catholic to work in Catholic Education. However, the Catholic faith and teachings are integral parts of education in this sector and staff must be fully supportive of this.

    Is there a requirement for me to undergo training in the Catholic faith to be employed in the Catholic Education sector?

    If you haven’t already completed these units in your univeristy studies, you are required to gain an understanding of the Catholic faith through professional learning and development via the  Accreditation to Teach & Accreditation to Teach Religious Education (Teaching staff) learning modules. Visit our website for more information on these modules.

    How do I gain employment in a Catholic school?

    CEWA is not the central employment body and is there not responsible for the placement of teachers/staff to Catholic schools in WA. This responsibility lies with the principal of each school. 

    All schools advertise their positions on our website which can be found under vacancies or in The West Australian on a Wednesday or Saturday under Education Appointments. Apply directly to the advertised positions which interest you.

    What is my salary and conditions of employment?

    All teachers employed in CEWA are covered by the salary and conditions of the Teachers Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2012. Details of this agreement can be found on our website. 

    Will I be required to obtain any clearances to work in Catholic Education?

    Yes, on appointment we require all staff to undergo a successful police clearance. A current Working with Children Clearance must also be demonstrated.