1. How will schools be impacted?

    • The assets and liabilities of all CECWA entities and 147 Diocesan schools will be transferred from the Bishops to CEWA Ltd on 1 January 2020.
    • Land titles will remain with Diocesan Bishops, as is currently the case. 
    • Employment contracts for all office and Diocesan school staff will be transferred to CEWA Ltd on 1 January 2020. 
    • A school contract audit process will be conducted in October and November 2019.  Details will be sent directly to school Principals.  
    • Schools will need to notify all parents of the change to CEWA Ltd prior to the end of 2019.  Templated correspondence will be provided for this purpose. 

    2. Does incorporation affect my employment?

    Except for the change of the name of the employer, there will be a minimal impact on employment conditions of staff. 

    All existing employee service history and entitlement balances including Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Sick Leave and Professional Renewal Leave (where applicable) will transfer to CEWA Ltd.

    All staff will continue to be able to salary package using CEWA Ltd’s preferred packaging provider (currently Selectus).

    3. Are Principal’s still the employing authority in schools?

    Yes, School Principals will continue to employ and manage staff in their school.

    4. Will the rollout of the AOS be affected?

    Incorporation will have no impact on the rollout schedule of the AOS system to schools.

    5. Will there be any financial impact on my school?

    The transition to CEWA Ltd is not expected to have a significant financial impact on schools. Schools will still be required to prepare and manage their own annual financial budgets. School finances will integrate with CEWA Ltd’s as follows:

    6. What will the Governance Model of CEWA Ltd look like?

    The transition to CEWA Ltd will streamline the structure and flow of our system.